Hi there. Welcome to the CEP blog. If you ended up here not through our main website, CEP stands for the Climate + Energy Project. We offer practical solutions for a clean energy future.

Our mission is to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions in America’s Heartland through the ambitious deployment of energy efficiency and renewable energy, in policy and practice.

CEP is a Kansas based non-profit working in the Heartland states of KS, MO, NE, OK, AR, NM and the Panhandle of TX.

We collaborate with a broad coalition of diverse partners interested in jobs, prosperity and security to find practical solutions for a clean energy future.

Some of our most successful programs include the Take Charge Challenge and the Heartland Alliance for Regional Transmission.

We’re a nonprofit, nonpartisan 501(c)(3).


9 Responses to “About the CEP blog”

  1. Gwen Bristol Says:

    The article on signing leases for wind energy rights caught my attention. Here in North Dakota there is some talk about possible legislation to moderate wind energy rights like oil and mineral rights to protect against these kinds of situations. It’s nice to see other states are looking at the same kinds of things.

  2. Jon Earle Says:

    Keep blogging, Maril – you are the beacon of sanity and good reporting out there.

  3. Marjorie Van Buren Says:

    Thanks so much, Meril. May you be blessed with “nights of peaceful slumber” to make up for the stress and strain of the past several days. You have guarded the fort above and beyond the call of duty!

  4. Rich Wenzel Says:

    Good news below on Federal Court Level Intervention on Coal Power Plant Emissions. Keep up the good work CEP!
    – Rich Wenzel


    Court Holds Power Companies Accountable for Their Carbon Pollution

    David Doniger

    Policy Director, NRDC Climate Center, Washington, D.C.

    Posted September 21, 2009 in Solving Global Warming

    In a landmark ruling, the federal court of appeals in New York ruled today in favor of states and private land trusts that had sued America’s largest global warming polluters to curb their emissions.

    The case is called State of Connecticut v. American Electric Power Co., and the long-awaited ruling was issued today by a panel of the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.

    The appeals court ruled that five large electric power companies can be sued in federal court because the 650 million tons of carbon dioxide they emit each year are contributing to rising temperatures and a host of damaging impacts in other states, including heat waves, smog episodes, droughts and forest fires. The case was brought by the attorneys general of eight states and one city (CT, NY, CA, IA, NJ, RI, VT, WI and NYC) and by two private land trusts. The case will now go back to the federal district court in New York City for trial.

    The Second Circuit held that federal courts are empowered to curb damaging carbon pollution unless and until the legislative and executive branches actually regulate that pollution, either under the existing Clean Air Act or the comprehensive new energy and climate legislation bending in Congress.

    I worked closely in this case with the attorneys for the states and the land trusts. Matt Pawa, lead attorney for the two land trust, the Open Space Institute of New York and the Audubon Society of New Hampshire, characterized today’s momentous victory this way:

    “The court’s decision makes clear that the harms of global warming are real and need to be addressed today. For hundreds of years, courts have been there to protect citizens from harm. Today’s decision opens the way for citizens to protect themselves from the polluters responsible for global warming. Power companies that release millions of tons of dangerous carbon pollution are not above the law.”

    Today’s decision means there are three pathways open to curb dangerous carbon pollution. The best way is for the Congress to pass comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation. The House passed a bill in June. The Senate is making progress on companion legislation that could pass this fall after health care.

    The second pathway is action under the current Clean Air Act. In a historic 2007 ruling, the Supreme Court held that carbon dioxide is an air pollutant and that EPA must curb air pollutants if they are dangerous to public health or welfare. The new EPA administrator, Lisa Jackson, has begun to act on the science that so clearly demonstrates the dangers of global warming.

    The third pathway is through the courts. Today’s decision reaffirms that people are entitled to their day in court, unless Congress or the EPA does what is needed to protect them.

    The irony is that the Senate may vote as early as tomorrow on an amendment, sponsored by Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), intended to block EPA from regulating power plants’ carbon dioxide emissions. The amendment, she says, is to give Congress more “breathing space” to consider the new energy and climate legislation.

    What it will really do is give certain Senators a further excuse to slow walk the process on new climate legislation. But today’s court decision guarantees that if the Congress fails to do its job, or blocks EPA from doing its job, the biggest power companies will still be held accountable in the federal courts.

  5. Great to find this blog source. Being in real estate this topic is becoming more and more appropriate to our industry,

  6. abu ladd Says:

    Trying to convince our st louis aldermen/women to provide tax incentives/training for solar

    any advice/help?

  7. Cris Siebenlist Says:

    The second Annual Green NOW Expo
    April 21, 2011 from 8:30 AM to Noon
    Kansas City Kansas Community College Field House
    Sponsored by KCK Community College, The Women’s Bureau of the USDOL and the YWCA of Greater Kansas City, YWomen CAN.

    Last year we had around 100 people attend and this year we expect the expo to be bigger and better. We have a wide variety of exhibitors representing many facets of green. We will have several green businesses who will be highlighting their products and services as well as job openings. We will have green training facilities who offer a plethora of green job training options. And we will have agencies and organizations dedicated to helping people learn to live green.
    Everyone is invited to attend. There will be something for everyone interested in improving the environment. With the cost of fuel rising and the nuclear crisis in Japan many people will want to hear about how they can have more efficient and healthy homes from the energy auditors, weatherization experts, lead experts, solar and geothermal installers. Energy programs from both sides of the state line will be present.
    In addition to the exhibitors there will be seven very informative presentations:

    9:00 Eight Principles of Healthy Homes & RRP Regulations- Innergy

    9:00 Cheap Things to Make your Home More Comfortable-The Hayes Corporation

    9:50 Lead Based Paint 101-Baker Environmental

    9:50 Getting Your Home Energy Ready for the Summer-BPU

    10:40 Geothermal Heat Pumps-Larsen & Associates

    10:40 R U Getting an Energy Audit?-106 Greenway/C & J Construction

    11:30 Energy Smart Home- UG/BPU

  8. Nancy Hanahan Says:

    This whole thing is a hoax on the taxpayers of Kansas.

    This is part of Agenda 21/Sustainable Development whose plan is to turn us into a Third World Country – out of our cars and onto bicycles and public transportation. This plan will turn farms & ranches into wildlands, devoted to the animals and the people forced to live in Urban areas in high-rises on top of each other. No thank you.

    It is absolutely amazing how many people what to jump on this ‘band waggon’ as long as there is money to be made. Maybe they believe this whole global warming thing and maybe not, but they sure want to cash in as long as the taxpayer will be subsidizing it. With the subsidy, these companies would never be able to be a viable enterprise.

    As a taxpayer in Kansas, I’m sick of it!

    I just discovered your site in my search of what REACH was.

  9. Dot Barnett Says:

    Thank you for your opinion. I hope you’ll consider looking in to Agenda 21 a little more closely. Here is a link to the UN website with more information. http://www.un.org/esa/dsd/index.shtml

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